Contribute to the making of more Cage-inspired music right now. Call 020 3322 4687.

John Cage often said “There is no such thing as silence”. And it’s true! Wherever you go, there is always sound, even in places without music or any obvious signs of activity. So what is that sound where you are now?

We want as many people as possible to contribute their own versions of silence in order to put together a series of tracks that can be played as an 11th Composition in the BBC Proms Music Walk. Every few weeks, composers Ian Dearden and David Sheppard will draw from the collection of your sounds to produce a new 4-minute composition, published on the Music Walk website for everyone to enjoy.

So think of a place and a time of day that has a particular ‘silent’ soundscape that you enjoy. Go there today and call 020 3322 4687.

You can find out more about taking part in the Music Walk in London here

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